Art to Reduce Anxiety

For many of us, anxiety is just another fact of life; it’s something we live with every day. Sometimes it feels like a small dot – there, but imperceptible enough that we can go about our daily lives without fear. Other times it’s like a gaping black hole, mercilessly devouring everything that made us feel happy, confident and comfortable, leaving us as a shell of the person we once were. Finding the right treatment can totally transform your life, and there are so many options available. Whether you’re already receiving treatment and you’re looking for a complementary therapy, or you’ve yet to take that step and you’re searching for something to take the bite off your anxiousness, embracing your creative side can work wonders on reducing the effects of anxiety. Art therapy itself has existed for decades, and science has shown over and over again that getting creative offers a range of benefits for the mind, from helping to explore difficult feelings that can be hard to verbalise, to meditative opportunities to process our emotions. In this brand-new title, we’ve provided dozens of mindful creative tasks for you, from colouring-in pages to guided doodling spaces.