Create Your Own Stunning Planted Bioactive Vivarium: a range of step-by-step guides

Keeping reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates frequently conjures up images of lush tropical habitats, filled with exotic plants. Unfortunately, up until very recently, it was not possible to maintain a planted vivarium of this type for any length of time successfully in the home. Yet now this is achievable, even for enthusiasts who have little or no experience, thanks to advances in lighting technology in particular, enabling you to grow plants successfully in these surroundings, as well as catering for the needs of the creatures themselves Here in this highly practical guide, written by an acknowledged international expert in this area, you can learn what is involved in setting up not just a tropical rainforest enclosure, but also, at the other extreme, a desert-like environment and a dry grassland set-up, so you can replicate these set-ups yourself, with everything being shown in a clear, step-by-step style.