Biciclette d’Epoca

The history of cycling, the big brands, the great champions, the historical cyclostoricals, theories and restoration techniques, the bikes of readers: this - and much more is Vintage Bicycles, the only magazine dedicated to the world of cycling as it once was. A genuine world that smells of limate iron and sweat, made of people who still want to measure themselves with simple but beautiful objects such as bicycles. Democratic, because within everyone's reach, but exclusive when they are transformed into objects of worship by the hands of skilled restorers. And then all the stories to tell - human, touching - that revolve around that world of sports heroes such as Girardengo, Coppi, Bartali, Gimondi, Merckx and many others less known: Vintage Bicycles is the ideal magazine for those who have started to know them playing with marbles on the beach and since then it has never stopped.




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