Gay Pages

Established in 1994 and one of the world’s 25 oldest printed magazines, the sophisticated Gay Pages is the only gay glossy coffee table magazine in South Africa. It enjoys comprehensive national print distribution, reaching approximately 1600 outlets ranging from airport lounges, retail and 1400 mail boxes. This clean, presentable coffee table publication has a wide and diverse audience, while many premium brands advertise with us, as the affluent, brand loyal gay consumer segment is one of the most sought-after audiences globally. Our focus on writing reviews on travel, restaurants, cars, lifestyle and luxury products, whilst publishing gay content from all over the world, made us a household name and popular with local and international tourists from Japan to the USA. Our incredibly popular website has over 1000 articles ( and has tremendous reach, with more than 100 000 page views per month. We offer both print and online subscriptions.




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